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keras save model | predict loss function

Keras save model See the keras save model video for better understanding Or Read this for keras save model Introducing   Everybody. What's up? My name is Mohit, and you're watching Coding TensorFlow-- the show where you learn how to code in TensorFlow. All right. In this post, we'll talk about saving and loading models. So why do we want to talk about this? Well, first of all, whenever you train a model of any significant complexity, the training can take a long time. Most of the models in this Getting Started series will just take a minute or so to train, where real-life models can take days or even weeks to train. So if you were to hit Control-C on your training job after it's been running for a day or so, all your model weights and values will be lost, and you would have to restart training from the beginning and be a very sad camper. But if you saved your model every so often, you can always resume training from that point, making you a happy camper. Another benef