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how to get the length of a list in python

how to get the length of a list in python

So hai everyone reader here and In this I gonna share with you how to get the length of a list in python so in this post you will get your solution how to get the length of a list

What is a list

So a list is a data structure In python and In this we can change value and let's see how to get the length of a list in python

Lets get the length of a list

So if you want to know how to get the length of a list then you have to use len() function

What is len function? 

len() function is used to get the length if you want to get the length then you have to enter the variable under this brackets () Ok

 let's see how to get the length of a list in python



So if you wants to know how to get the length of a list in python then read this post for deep understanding otherwise see this image you get your solution

Using insert method

brackets as you can see here we have a list here.

So to use limt method that shows how many elements in the list we type praying mantises lend emphasis

on the list name which is list item that save the file and try to


It's printed that for elements which are Grich or Apple dot com.

There are four elements in the list.


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