What is python and its print function

 What is python and it's print function

So let's look at today agenda

1) what is python in easy language
2) how to print hello world in it

So hai dear coder welcome to corders land a land of young coders so let start this post so first of all if you know python we'll and good or If you don't know python its excellent so first of if you know python forget about it forget that you know what is python

So you forget python right the reason behind it is that if you know some thing your mindset is that so I know python 

But the realty is you know a python a little

So let's start 

So first of all it is a programming language

it is used for making web, ai, ml projects

So introduction of python is clear that python is a programming language


So let's start with 

First statement that is print



So here we have to type hello world

So the method is

First of all 

You have to write the statement


And then prenthesis() 

that men we are telling that computer what we fill inside these parenthesis you have to print

So if we write print(hello world) 

We got an error the error is we can't apply  any qoutation marks" "

So the word are string if we write cat this is a string 

So when ever we use a string we need " " if you can't apply you will got the error

Or if you write integer so what is integer integer are numbers like 1,2,3,3

If you print these integer you don't have to apply " "

So I think you learn about python and it's print function

So let's meet in another blog post so thanks good bye✌


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